Adhesives and sealants salon - SEAL-BOND

For 10 years the adhesive and sealant materials have been covered at KOMPOZYT-EXPO®. However, so far they have not been properly appreciated. Finally their time has come – the time of adhesives and sealants! At this year's exhibition, we will create a special place for meetings, presentations and discussions about this particular market segment. A place where manufacturers and distributors of adhesive and sealant materials and devices will be able to present their products to prospective buyers. 
We invite the following to participate in the Salon: manufacturers and distributors of industrial adhesives, primers and activators, sealants, machines, devices and accessories for manufacturing industries, robots and automatic lines for adhesives, fittings, manual tools and chemicals, lacquers and painting equipment, protective lubricants, silicone pastes, protection products, products to clean sealing connections, static sealants: rings, sealants for pipe connections, elastomeric cords, support rings, rubber covers, sealants for screw couplings, dynamic sealants, OH&S equipment. 
Considering what the Salon has to offer, we invite representatives from the following sectors to visit the exhibition: automotive, construction, electrical, railways, steel structures, furniture, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, joinery, packaging, machine and electromechanical industry, plastics, leather industry, glass producers, water systems, as well as manufacturers of boilers and heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation, pumps and valves, food machines. 

For detailed information, please contact: kompozyty@targi.krakow.pl